Hi, I'm Elizabeth Anna, a Creative Designer & Marketing Strategist!

My passion is building and promoting brands, and leading successful creative teams! My talents include: Creating creative campaigns, graphic design, web design, email marketing and social media. Currently I am based in Auckland, New Zealand; and I am looking for a new opportunity where I can showcase my digital marketing skills...Be sure to click into each project to see more details!

Cala d'Or Food
Cala d'Or Food is an umbrella group I designed & created to encompass a group of 6 restaurants in Mallorca. I designed a food passport to encourage holiday makers to visit all 6 restaurants (and receive discounts/treats while doing so).
Los Amigos
A tapas and Mexican restaurant in Mallorca. I designed a new website, ran their social media and designed a variety of print marketing products.
Client Form
I've designed a variety of business stationery for NRG Concepts. Shown is a client form.
Cala d'Or Food
Pictured here is a fold out food passport - designed to encourage the holidaymaker to visit all 6 restaurants and receive discounts and complementary food.
2Connect Website Design
A website designed for a dating agency. Note: I did not code the actual website client is now using.
Restaurant Paparazzi
A website designed for a restaurant in Mallorca, Spain.
Omnia Magazine
Magazine designed for Omnia Group, a property investment company based in the Gold Coast, Australia.
Financial Attunement
Business stationery & email marketing, designed for an investment company in San Francisco, USA.
Tshirts designed for the staff members in Mallorca, Spain.
Business stationery designed for Yaya's - a resurant in Mallorca, Spain.
Rancho el Patio
A website, signs, menus and business stationery designed for a steakhouse restaurant in Mallorca, Spain.
Tapas y Mas
A website, business stationery and other printable marketing products designed for a tapas restaurant in Mallorca, Spain.
Restaurant Gusto
Omnia Form
Form created for new clients
Bayou City Outdoors
Client Magazine
Designed for Omnia.
Valentines Day Poster
Business Brochure
Designed for Omnia
Business Cards
Designed for Omnia.
Omnia Website
Website for Omnia Group www.omniagroup.com.au
Unstoppables Amazon
A taste of the campaign artwork for Unstoppables trip to the Amazon.
Graphic Design
Infographic: Mr Moto
Advertising illustration showing information regards tourists in Australia.
Graphic Design
Team Dilusi Motorsport
Drive It Like You Stole It — advertising artwork.
Graphic Design
Nightclub Event Posters
Advertising for nightclubs
Graphic Design
Tao Ti Green Tea
Advertising Poster
Graphic Design | Website Design
Telsa Campaign
Mad Keen
Some of the artwork completed while working for Mad Keen — including t-shirt and hoodie design; and social media images.
Graphic Design
Advertsing Posters I designed for Playtech.
Graphic Design
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